Round Robin May 12th

Sharpen your writing skills while connecting with other scribes at FWWG’s Online Writers Round Robin. At this event participants take turns sharing a 500 – 700 word story they’ve created based on the same writing prompt. After each reading, the group offers feedback with an eye towards comments that are honest, frank, specific, but overall, supportive and heartening of each writer’s efforts.

Prompts for May 12:
Prose Prompt: “Hey Mike. Isn’t that your kid?”
Poetry Prompt: Stepping Out.

Remember, you DON’T HAVE TO WRITE a story to participate in our Round Robins. Everyone’s perfectly welcome to just come and listen to the stories. Whether you offer feedback or not is entirely up to you.

What’s most important is to enjoy hanging out with the local writing community and, hopefully, learn something new about the craft along the way.

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